About Us

Security Box Company was Founded in 2009, with over 16 years of experience in Forwarding, NVOCC, Logistics &-Customs Regulations, and Safe Deposit Boxes. It provides complete logistics solutions to our valuable customers and company managed by a team of professionals who are dedicated and sincere in responding promptly to customer demands. We offer professional and personalized services and guidance in all international trading processes including how to save time by curtailing costs. Security Box Company is being managed efficiently by a team of well-experienced and professionally qualified personnel, in their respective fields of activity.
Security Box Company is part of a larger group of safety deposit box facilities Worldwide. We have vaults located in Oman, Dubai, Turkey, Saidi Arabia, Zambia as well as the Netherlands. We provide custodial services to private individuals and businesses, allowing them to safeguard their most valued possessions in a secure state-of-the-art purpose-built vault.
Security Box Company meets the highest standards in both security and privacy.  We offer the rental of safety deposit boxes in a variety of sizes and rental periods to meet all requirements.  With major Banks no longer offering a safety deposit box service to their customers, now more than ever companies and individuals need to secure valued possessions safely.
Our facility offers safety deposit lockers in various box sizes to suit all client requirements. The smaller boxes are ideal for the storage of jewelry, cash, valuable coins, and computer backup discs/externals. The mid-range boxes are designed to keep papers, house deeds, and other important documents. The larger boxes are ideal for luxury watches and jewelry and to hold larger amounts of valuables, paperwork, and even artworks which need to be stored securely.

Why Choose Us?

What Makes Security Box Company Shipping the Best Freight Forwarding Solutions Provider?
With our collective efforts and sheer dedication, we have been able to build our networks worldwide today our vast network is spread across the length and breadth of the globe, and thousands of shipments are moving within our network at any point in time to ensure a smooth transition, delivery, and pick-ups within our networks.
With our great track record, we have been granted an Import-Export license by Oman, Dubai, Turkey, Saidi Arabia, Zambia, Netherlands custom authority. Security Box Company has a great track record of catering to industry leaders in different domains and has facilitated the import/export of machinery, project equipment, and cargo for leading business houses.

Our Core Values

Worldwide Network

Security Box Company boasts of having a strong network that spans across 80+ countries around the globe. When you choose Security Box Company as your freight forwarding solutions provider, you can deliver goods and cargo to all the major ports of the world without worrying about the safe delivery of your valuable cargo.

Multi-dimensional Solutions & Support

Security Box Company believes in facilitating on-time and on-door delivery and offers multi-dimensional transportation support under a single brand name. It leaves no stone unturned to ensure your freight forwarding needs are fulfilled no matter what the transportation medium-sea, air, or road. Also, it provides exclusive and extensive support to all the clients with a personalized approach.

Strong Associations with Ancillary Industry Players

Security Box Company has tie-ups and associations with leading road carriers, warehousing facilities, and cargo airlines, making it a complete freight forwarding solutions package. No more you will have to worry about making an effort to keep your freight moving across domestic regions, states, and international borders.


The company’s management comprises Directors and Managers who are having vast experience in shipping and allied activities, cargo operations, and general business management.


We provide multi-disciplinary and comprehensive professional services that enable our clients to succeed across a wide range of goals regardless of size, scope, or complexity. We have the professionals and expertise knowledge to understand the dynamics of your business and the services to support your entire supply chain with integrated end-to-end solutions from procurement and pick-up of raw materials to delivery at your customer’s doorstep. The understanding of our professionals in every aspect of logistics with sophisticated technology works together to create a facility that provides an innovative and unusual solution.